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A growth mindset story of resilience, grit, and creativity. 

Eric Hoffer Award for Best Children's Book!

“Corchin and Dougherty combine talents in this metaphorical tale of creativity, resilience, and growth mindset...Grit and imagination combine to turn “No” into a definite “Yes.”   -Kirkus Reviews

"The process of creation is sometimes painful and collaborative and ultimately fun, this book is the first that I’ve ever seen to express that idea." - Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal

"This is a perfect read for any creative or inventive child." - Book Trib

Barnes & Noble Storytime and "Everyone's Talking About" Feature!

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This empowering picture book teaches readers that even great ideas sometimes get a NO―but that NO can actually help great ideas become the best ideas!

There was a little girl who had a great idea. She had the most amazing, superb, best idea ever!
NO? Wait, what do you mean NO? NO again?
What is she supposed to do with all these NO's?

NO after NO after NO come the little girl's way, twisting and squishing her idea. But by persevering, collaborating and using a little imagination, all those NO's become the building blocks for the biggest YES ever!

A Thousand NO's is a story about perseverance and innovation. It shows what amazing things can happen if we work with others and don't give up, and teaches kids not to let expectations of how things should be get in the way of what could be.

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