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I Feel... gets a wonderful Kirkus Review!

The many emotions one might feel.

A simply rendered face against a plain white background conveys so much. Beginning with the basics, Corchin draws a large, wide smile on a bright, yellow face (“Sometimes I feel happy”). With a flip of the page, that face turns blue, tears welling and dripping down (“Sometimes I feel sad”). Another page turn: The face is deep red, with downturned eyebrows and a shouting mouth (“Sometimes I feel angry and want to be bad”). Each face helps readers identify a possible emotion, but the intriguing twist in this exploration of emotional literacy is the variety included, such as guilt, pride, shame, awe, and disgust. There is even a portrayal of feeling “plaid,” or not quite having an accurate description for what’s going on inside. Corchin doesn’t shy away from delving deep; however, the text simply names the mood—young listeners will likely need to continue the conversations with their caregivers. Just what does “I might even judge you” mean? Happily, many activity suggestions and prompts are appended at the end. Caregivers and educators will delight: an expert tool for social-emotional learning and helping children to read nonverbal cues. Simultaneously publishing is I Feel…Different, and I Feel…Awesome follows close behind, on Nov. 6.

A lighthearted, goofy way to help children to own their feelings.(Picture book. 3-6)


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