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New Book Cover Reveal!

This book is a long time coming. One of the first books I illustrated myself, If You Find A Unicorn It Is Not Yours To Keep is one that holds a special place in my heart. Originally starting as Mystical Rules For My Magical Daughter, this book of magical metaphorical life lessons was written as a way to pass down knowledge to my daughter (my only child at the time). I'm excited to share the new updated cover for this wonderful keepsake book for all ages as it grows with your life experiences. It means one thing to a 7 year old and another to a 47 year old! Here's the Barnes & Noble Link to Pre-Order coming out May 3.

Award-winning author DJ Corchin offers delightfully fantastical life lessons in this sweet and witty collection that inspires readers to embrace the magic within them.

You have a choice to cast good spells or bad spells. Choose good spells. People will tell you you can't be a knight because you have magical abilities. They are wrong. And remember...if you happen find a unicorn, it is not yours to keep!

DJ Corchin offers timeless wisdom with a mystical twist in this lighthearted rulebook for the whole family to enjoy. Plenty of enchanting lessons to live by paired with whimsical illustrations are sure to be passed down from generation to magical generation. A perfect graduation, birthday, or just-because gift for daughters of any age.

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