Thank you so much for volunteering to be part of the

Do You Speak Fish? trailer!

The central message of the story is the importance of learning to communicate in different ways. Our communities are rich with diverse and beautiful cultures and languages. We'd like to share that in the trailer. 


We would love for you to participate if:

  • You speak a language other than English that is part of your culture, heritage, or country of origin.

  • You sign as your primary form of communication

  • You communicate with an assistive device

  • Primarily communicate in a way not listed above

What we need from you:

  1. Sign the release form you can download here and email it to (you can sign digitally or fill it out and send a picture)

  2. Record yourself communicating the two phrases below.

  3. Upload the videos using the upload link below. 

Video Requirements:

  • Record on your phone in landscape (horizontal).

  • Name the file name_language.(file type).

  • For each phrase send two recordings. (4 videos total). Can be straight on perspective or casually walking, etc. Just as long as it's in landscape (horizontal)

  • Don't use headphones or mics. Just the phone mic. 

Your content has been submitted

Your content has been submitted

Phrase one: "Do You Speak Fish?"

Phrase two: “Because learning to communicate with others (pause) can bring us all together."

Step 1: Hit +Upload and choose your file.


Step 2: Press SUBMIT. (Could take a few minutes). You will see a confirmation when complete.

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Deadline: ASAP

Any questions email

Please note we may not use the footage provided by you at this current time, but could in the future.