From the award-winning team of A Thousand NO's

A story about communicating and understanding.


"A funny read-aloud with a great message." 

-Kirkus Reviews

Do You Speak Fish? Book Trailer

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A growth mindset story about resilience, grit, and creativity.

“Corchin and Dougherty combine talents in this metaphorical tale of creativity, resilience, and growth mindset...Grit and imagination combine to turn “No” into a definite “Yes.”   -Kirkus Reviews

"The process of creation is sometimes painful and collaborative and ultimately fun, this book is the first that I’ve ever seen to express that idea." - Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal

"This is a perfect read for any creative or inventive child." - Book Trib

A Thousand NO's Book Trailer


If You Find A Unicorn, It Is Not Yours To Keep

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