“Corchin and Dougherty combine talents in this metaphorical tale of creativity, resilience, and growth mindset...Grit and imagination combine to turn “No” into a definite “Yes.””

- Kirkus Reviews

A new book about perseverance and innovation. 



DJ Corchin is the author and illustrator of many award-winning children's books. He visits groups and schools all over the 

country discussing his stories and how people can find a path through their own creative universe.

He loves to connect people through humorous stories about communication, kindness, and social-emotional awareness. His books are known for being fun and thoughtful discussion starters for both kids and adults in this crazy, complex, human world.

Represented by Jeffery Becker

A New Page

I'm happy to announce that Sourcebooks has acquired the rights to my entire published library. For the past 15 years I've focused on creating meaningful books that hopefully bring joy, wonderment, and smiles to both children and adults. Sourcebooks is an innovative publisher with a global reach that I share a vision with:  

Books. Change. Lives. 

I'm thrilled to have them as a partner and can't wait to share what we have in store this year. You may notice that my current titles are temporary unavailable as we make the transition. For up-to-date information please join my email list and follow on my social media connections. This is going to be one incredible ride. Grab a seat. 



Presentations for all ages available. 

Current featured program is "A Thousand NO's make a spectacular YES!" 


To help with discovering fun activities to do inside please enjoy these free coloring pages!

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